What are you going to carry everyday while you are out?

What I like about this small backpack is that it converts a crossbody in the front. It has wide straps, so the straps will not cut into my shoulders.

When I choose a crossbody purse, I look for pockets and the ability to carry a water bottle. What I like about this crossbody is the neutral color and you can change the strap. If you have never tried a purse with these types of straps you will fall in love with them and will only have a purse with these straps in the future.

My daughters swear by their Lululemon “fanny” pack.

I love this water bottle sling. It will hold my 32oz Brita filtered insulated water bottle. Plus it has an area to put “stuff”. A lot of times this is the only thing I will carry. I love the hand strap, when the strap cuts into my back, then I can reduce the weight by holding the strap.

I use this lanyard with my iPhone 15 magnetic phone case. I use this phone case so I can use my iPhone magnetic charger, which sticks right on the back of my phone.

This is my go to iPhone 15 phone case with an RFID wallet attached that has a lanyard.

What you should Pack in your Carry Around Bag:

WalletBrush/Comb/Hair TiesAdditonal Items:
Small First Aid KitShout WipesRain Poncho
Water BottleDisposable WipesUmbrella
Liquid IVChapstick/LipstickNeck Fan
Portable ChargerPenCooling Towel
HeadphonesSmall Sewing KitTri-Pod
KleenexCarabinerSelfie Stick
Gum/MintsHand Sanitizer
Snack(s)Flushable Wipes
Ziplock BagsReusable Bag(s)

This is my Brita 32 oz filtered insulated water bottle. I love this water bottle due to the filteration system. I can drink water in Arizona and Florida from the tap. It will also keep my ice longer due to it be insulated.

When you go somewhere warm (like Florida) you need to have a Neck Fan, especially if you run hot. This is rechargeable and I guarantee you will need more than one if you have kids.

I have a selfie stick that is also a tri pod for my phone. This is compact and will fit in my backpack.