What Electronics should you bring?

✔ Phone

✔ Tablet

✔ Laptop

What are you going to charge?

I always layout all of my electronics and plug them all in before I pack. Remember most likely you will be charging all of your electronics at the same time so you will need to be plug them all in.

I LOVE my iphone magnetic charger. It charges FAST! The only bad thing is that you need to have a phone case that you can use this charger. If you are going to be using google maps or other apps a lot then you will need a portable charger. These apps drain your phone battery.

If I was to purchase a new charger, I would get this magnetic iphone charger. It can charge 5 devices at the same time.

This charger works for my iPhone 15 with my iPhone case that has the wallet attached to it. I love how small it is.

I carry this charger with me when I travel. It folds down to nothing, and it makes it very easy to pack up.

This charger is perfect because it has an extension cord plus all of the different country plugs.

Don’t forget to bring charging cables! I love this charging cable, it has 4 different charging cables to one USB plug in.

This is my International adapter of choice. You can use it for multiple countries, plus it has USB-A and USB-C plug ins. The only negative is that you will need an extension cord.

This is the converter I use. It is compact and fits into the plugs on the wall in the bathroom.

My curling iron specifically states that the electricity converts from a 120V to 220V.